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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 20, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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. a grandmother is caught in across fire and killed on her way to the store just blocks from her house. and more on the investigation of last week's deadly shooting. coming up in the neighborhoods in the upper 20s, we have the timing of our first storm that will be moving into the bay area. complete coverage starts right now this is ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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. let's begin with a quick look at your weather, mark is in for steve paulson. upper 20s and 30s at least in the short-term and as we head to the evening hours you will notice an increase in the clouds. here is a look at the current numbers. fairfield 20 degrees and san jose in the upper 30s, 39 and coming up, the timing of our first storm, we have multiple storms as we head to the weekend, here is sal with traffic. traffic is moving along well, you can see it is moving along nicely and there are no major problems as you are driving through. san mateo bridge is also off to a nice start, 5:00 let's go back to the desk. fire at a home in san francisco's valley. lorraine blanco is there with
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the details on how this fire may have started, good morning, lorraine. >> reporter: good morning, dave, well you can see a burned pile of construction and that's where they think the fire started. at this point investigators are not calling it suspicious. they got a call on the multi- hundred block of sanchez street. firefighters do not think anybody was inside the home during the fire and they are not sure when construction workers were inside there last. >> we have no idea, right now it is under construction. we are not sure but we left a message to the responsible party and he has not gotten back to us yet. >> investigators say there was no evidence anybody was inside the garage trying to get warm last night. >> reporter: the cause of the
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single alarm fire is under investigation, lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 morning news. and the latest round of violence in oakland has claimed the life of a grandmother. tara moriarty is in oakland and tells us the woman is believed to have been an innocent bystander, good morning, tara. >> reporter: this marks the 124th homicide of the year and it is the latest to happen off of international boulevard. the woman was walking to the store on the 9100 block when she was caught in the crossfire between the two people on the other side of the street. the grandmother was walking with a relative when she was struck and killed. a long time friend knew her and said she lived just four blocks away from the for and cared for her elderly mother. police have made no arrests and they are trying to find out
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what caused the gun fighting and it left 10 shell casings after that shooting more gunfire erupted and he drove himself to the hospital where he was later transported to hyland hospital. they do not believe the two shootings are related and coming up, we will tell you what the victim of the -- the two children of the victim had to say. it led to a report of a gunman on the campus of san jose city college. it prompted the campus to be locked down for hours. the caller said a strange-year- old came up to him -- stranger came up to him on the sidewalk and said he had seen a strange man and they searched the building and they said the caller did the right thing by
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reporting the incident. they want to catch whoever fired shots on highway 85 in cupertino. it all happened yesterday afternoon about 12:30 in the southbound lanes on stevens creek boulevard. the recruiter was driving an unmarked car which was hit several times but the recruiter marine was not himself hit. >> they are trying to get an angle of some of these bullet holes and we will try to match it up with evidence and what they find. >> they do not believe the marine was targeted because he was wearing a jacket over his uniform and the car was unmarked. they will be testifying before congress and hearings investigating the deadly attack on benghazi in libya. it comes two days after they issued a report blaming
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management failures for grossly inadequate security at that consulate. the findings led to the resignation of four department officials. hillary rodham clinton was originally scheduled to testify today but canceled because of illness and she is expected to testify next month. newtown connecticut will bury three more children after what triggered last week's deadly school shooting. the gunman's home is still a crime scene and they have removed boxes of evidence from there. we learned just days before the shooting the mother had been on vacation alone at a resort in new hampshire. she returned home one day before the shooting rampage. the school shooting has renewed calls for gun control. coming up, a new pole shows how americans feel about that issue
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after the tragedy in newtown. and today mayor ed lee will introduce legislation aimed at reducing gun violence. blakely is one of two teens who died in the bay view last weekend. he called the deaths horrible and met with faith leaders to discuss how to reduce the violence. there have been 60 homicides in san francisco compared to 50 this time last year. time is now 5:06 sal is coming back getting you out the door this morning, so far so good. yes, it looks good, dave and torii, it is a nice drive, there are no major problems as you drive through. if you will be on the east shore freeway, you can see traffic is beginning to wake up and there are no major problems. when people get into the city it will be interesting to see if we have the big backups we
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normally have and as we get closer to christmas we see traffic is moving well. here is mark with more on weather. we have some cold numbers to show you the last day of fall. concord is in the upper 20s downtown san francisco is 44. it is dry out there but we have some rainfall to our north. cape mendocino approaching parts of mendocino county, temperatures are off to a cold start, 28 to 44 degrees and clouds will gradually be on the increase and showers are going to be present in the north bay. this area of low pressure is setting up circulation and within the circulation a series of storms will be moving into the region. the first one is set to move in
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by friday second one saturday third one by sunday and these are the projected numbers forecast totals as we head on into the weekend into monday morning so the numbered a up especially for the north bay hills. we will be tracking periods of heavy rain and gusty winds. for this afternoon 1:00, picking up the high clouds, we have a chance of a few showers up in the north bay. by 6:00 it will take it's time, dry in the south bay and tonight rain showers will be picking up gradually going to the south and this will set the stage for a wet morning commute. we will talk about this in a minute, with the storms moving in, we have challenging conditions across the state especially across northern california heading out towards the sierra. we have gusty winds and today just a cold start with increasing clouds this afternoon. it is a fiscal cliff chest
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game. the move house speaker house speaker john boehner is making and president barack obama's countermove. look at this, rushing into a hospital a week ago, carrying an abandoned baby, why they are being called heros. traffic looks good coming into san francisco, we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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. a newborn baby was found just over a week ago. the baby boy was not breathing when officers found him. they took swift action and drove the baby to the hospital themselves. one performed cpr while the other drove and his mother has pled not guilty to child cruelty charges. they are searching for somebody who reportedly attacked a woman. it happened in the parking lot just before 7:30 last night. the woman was approached from behind. the man pointed something in the back of her head and demanded money. she did not have any cash so she gave him her driver's license and credit card.
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so he drove off in a light modeled small car. montreal blakely was killed in san francisco. friends and family will gather for a candle light vigil and watch a small video about his short life. he was shot to death as he walk into the bay view district. so far no arrests have been made. the country is just 12 days away from going over that fiscal cliff. carla campbell reports from the washington d.c. newsroom, talking about house speaker john boehner's plan "b," here is more. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner's plan would extend the current tax breaks on people making up to $1 million a year and it would help on automatic
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spending cuts for majority of americans and a long term deal would have to come later. president barack obama has threatened plan "b" and he wants to extend tax rates for those making 400,000 a year. it is a way to get the president to bulging more in negotiations. >> they keep finding ways to say no as opposed to finding ways to say yes. >> he could be responsible for the largest tax increase in history. >> as for negotiations, a lot of taxpayers fear we will go over the fiscal cliff and they will lose more on current tax breaks. carla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. a new pole shows majority of americans are now in favor of gun control following the
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newtown connecticut school shooting. many are in favor of making all guns illegal and that's an increase in polls following the mass shooting in colorado. and a meeting will be held in marin county and right now they are trying to raise money for the event. they are involving gun buy backs and nearly 600 guns were returned at the last one in exchange for $200 each. in the wake of the tragedy in newtown connecticut a marine reservest is now standing watch at an elementary school. how he is making students and staff feel safe and we will have more on how long he plans to stay. veterans affairs are so far behind and many are not getting
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benefits until after they die. the long waiting period means thousands of veterans are being approved for disability benefits and pensions only after it is too late for the money to help them. in the fiscal year that ended in september, the agency paid retroactive benefits to the survivors of 500 veterans who died waiting. and gasoline prices keep falling. at least one analyst could drop 20-cents per gallon next year. the highest average is $3.60 and that's down 8 centss since last week and down 14 cents than the record price in october. and now the current charge is down 7 cents in the past week. want to check with sal on
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what is happening on the roads, is it quiet? it is quiet and we are thinking these next few days may be quiet as we get closer to the christmas holiday people may be taking some time off and on the bay bridge, it is not a bad commute at all. it looks good on the san mateo bridge heading out to the peninsular and 101 looks good when you get there. let's turn it down, if you are driving on highway 101 on the commute from san mateo to the airport it looks good, let's go to mark. once again, it's very cold out there, look at the numbers for the 5:00 hour in fact fairfield has dropped down to 27 degrees and concord 29 in san francisco, 24 and obviously with these combed numbers we will have some frost to contend with over the next few hours. san jose 39 degrees and it is dry out there and as we showed you, it is very cold and we have rain showers up to our north and as the system moves
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in, we have a winter storm system in northern lake county and mendocino interior of that winter storm warning in place and even more snow beyond that. look what happens, this is a rain and snow forecast and we will take this into your thursday, friday saturday to our north and it is showing up in the sierra as a result of the winter storm warning. until 10:00 sunday night, typically we are talking 10 to 20 ins but look at this, 2 to 5 feet and unfortunately this much snow will impact the roadways and the sierra and the mountains as well and we could possibly have some closures. this afternoon clouds are on the increase and we have a chance of a few showers in the north bay. we see a few high clouds approaching the north bay.
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at 1:00 we are still dry but it is slowly spreading to the south and by tonight we will see showers setting the stage for a wet commute for friday. first system is coming in tonight, another one friday and another one saturday. strong gusty wins are coming up and a wind -- gusty winds are coming up and a wind advisory will kick in for the bay area. the first individuals are criminally accused. the charges come one day after the swiss financial giant agreed to pay $1.5 billion in fines. the international investigation found attempts to manipulate the key interest rate in the industry. stocks closed for the day,
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australia hit a 17 month high despite warnings they would not end with a budget surplus. nike said stock prices would move upward after nearly a week. stock futures are headed higher after a down day yesterday and the dow jones industrial average closed almost 99, nasdaq down 10 and s&p 500 is also down 10. they are in advance of housing date that in most economists expect to paint a positive picture after it was down and hopefully it will come back up. a new theory of why hundreds of squid washed up on beaches in santa cruz county and why lab test results may have solved the mystery of the dead squid. and it is easy to keep track of where santa is and we
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visit us on facebook. . laboratory results are helping to explain why hundreds of squid washed ashore. they may have been poisoned because they say there was a
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spike of acid in the water which coincides with the squid's deaths. it can cause the squid to become disoriented. the otters can now migrate along the entire coastline. despite the ban, the otters had frequently moved down the southern california coast and when they were found they were trapped and moved to northern california. they said, quote, trying to tell a marine mammal to stay on one side of an imaginary line was a dumb idea. they are talking about why they slapped a marine in sacramento. williams towed the audience the employee called him a racial slur. the worker was fired after the incident and williams had an on
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stage meltdown and he is also accused of leading police on a chase downtown sacramento and fighting in a seattle bar. a u.s. marine reservest is standing guard outside of an elementary school after that shooting in connecticut. sergeant kraig served two tours in iraq and one in afghanistan. he is no longer on active duty and he is now a stay at home dad. yesterday he went to houston elementary school and stood guard right there greeting students who said, his presence made them feel safe. >> i joined the marine corp and i sworn to defend the country and i am not on active duty but it is still my duty to stand here as an american. he has no gun and he takes no breaks but he plans to be at the school today and after the
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holiday break. 5:25, you will have two ways to keep track of santa on christmas eve. norad is teaming up to keep track of his jolly old elf and they are using a radar to keep track of anything flying over america. and google who used to track norad is launching their own expansive tracker this year. let's check in with sal and we are looking at 208? >> that is -- 280? >> yes, northbound 208 still looks good on a very busy san jose commute and we are normally very busy but right now 680 is off to a good start and we are hoping that today is the first day of light traffic approaching the holiday week. it's cold this thursday morning and we have cooler spots back down in the upper
5:28 am
20s. frost will be a factor and look at fairfield, currently 27 degrees downtown san francisco, 34 in san jose 39. a bigger picture, you will notice rain showers and it will be drifting in closer as we head to late this afternoon and this evening hours mainly targeting the north bay. winds are gusting up to 50 miles per hour and we have multiple storms to talk about and coming up, we will have more on how much rainfall you can expect in your neighborhood. thank you, mark. parking problems with overpaid parking tickets, why some drivers may have been stiffed and what officials are planning to do about the problem. santa's helpers will be handing out toys to needy families and we will tell you what the nonprofit still needs. why the bomb squad had to be called to a home, we will
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explain. stay with us. well, well, well.
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[ male announcer ] get u-verse tv with a total home dvr included free for life. only $29 a month for six months. rethink possible. . well, good morning to you, pam cook has the morning off, it is 5:30 it is not 7:00 yesterday. let's check in with mark who is in for steve, we may need some extra gloves and scarfs this morning. >> yes, we will need some gloves because temperatures
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once again, we are starting out with 20s and upper 30s. 27 in fairfield, 29 in concord, livermore 29 degrees and talking about the umbrella, you may be needing it later, rain is increasing in the north bay. we will take this forecast model into the north bay and sal has an update on traffic, good morning, sal. good morning. if you are driving on the san mateo, i think you will like what you see all the way out to the high-rise. traffic looks good as you drive out to the airport, now let's go back to the desk. in overnight news there was a loud bang as the bomb squad blew up some chill calls. -- chemicals. they had been in a house for years, the house was boarded up
5:33 am
and they detonated those chemicals in a pile of sandbags. some residents were relocated and nobody was hurt. a home under construction caught fire in the valleyment lorraine blanco has more on what firefighters are saying about the investigation into the cause of the fire, good morning, lorraine. >> reporter: at this point they are not calling the fire suspicious. you can see a pile of burned construction debris over here. this is what firefighters moved out of that garage where they believe the fire originated. they were called to a fire on this multilevel home on sanchez street in san francisco. they got the flames under control and about 15 minutes later it was fine. nobody is living here right now and neighbors are wondering if somebody was inside the garage trying to get warm last night
5:34 am
but it does not appear to be what started a fire. >> there is no evidence of a squatter, so i can't say it happened. >> the cause of the single alarm fire was under investigation and firefighters are trying to get hold of the homeowner to find out if maybe something flammable was left in the garage late last night. lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 morning news. stunning news from oakland, a grandmother who officials say was walking down the street dies after being hit by a stray bullet. police say she was shot and killed while walking to a store on 92nd avenue at about 7:00 last night. she was hit by a stray bullet from a gun battle on the other side of the street. friends say the victim was a 49- year-old victim who leaves behind two children and three grandchildren. while police were investigating that, there was another
5:35 am
shooting three blocks away on 85th avenue and international boulevard. the victim drove himself on 73rd avenue. police don't think those shootings were related and no arrests have been made in that. vice-president joseph biden will meet with law enforcement leaders all over the nation getting their ideas on how to reduce gun violence. obama announced he will head up a task force coming up with proposals to keep this from happening again in newtown connecticut. he wants to keep concrete proposals for that task force in january. stay tuned right here for more coverage of the newtown connecticut school shooting and we will take you back live where more funerals will be held for three more of the victims. you will hear new details from friends of the mother of the
5:36 am
gunman. and consumers are likely to find out how much they will have to pay for upgrades to pg&e pipelines. it was required after the -- required after the san bruno explosion and destroyed a neighborhood. they want rate pairs to pick up 90% of those cost the but a judge ruled rate pairs should only pick up 75% of the tab. they should make their final decision today. a new parking payment system showed the city held on to $300,000 it should have refunded according to the san francisco chronicle. they require cities to give back over ticket payment. officials claim they did not know about the law and they will automatically refund them. most of the cities
5:37 am
automatically refund all over payments. and in just a couple of hours, christmas toys for almost 5700 needy children will be passed out. joining us from sacred heart, you know all about these donations good morning, janine de la vega. >> reporter: it is the toy room and it really looks like a toy store. everything is broken into categories, bikes, books and then over there you can see some arts and crafts and this is where all the parents will come in at 10:00 a.m. now there are already people waiting outside the building in the cold all bundled up. they wanted first pick because about 20 people will get shuttled into this room at a time. more families have signed up to
5:38 am
receive toys this year compared to last year. today and tomorrow, the nonprofit will be handing out 500,000 books and toys to kids which have been donated. >> moms and dads will be paired up with a volunteer that will help them shop and walk through the room. they have 10 or 15 minutes to go through and pick out toys as well as books for their children and each child gets about three items. >> sacred heart is still short about 400 gifts and the areas they are free on is books for teens. you can see some of the things they still have here, makeup and hair products, they even have jewelry but they need more and they are hoping today and tomorrow people will donate gift cards for the teens so they could pick out something for themselves and people come
5:39 am
in and bring toys for the younger children and the teens are for go the end about -- forgotten about. so the toy giveaway lasts until tomorrow all day, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. happening right now, blizzard warnings from colorado to wisconsin and bad storms are also possible in the south. some ports of iowa and wisconsin could get as much as a half foot of snow. now the weather may cause delays at airports and that could cause a triple affect. now they are expected to feel the affects and it could backup flights all over the country chicago is the united hub for the airlines. midway is for southwest airlines and passengers expect
5:40 am
delays up to two hours for any flights to o'hare and a lot of flights are waving their fees for rebooking flights. >> it sounds like it will be really busy right before the holidays. let's check in our commute, how is the bay bridge toll plaza doing? well, we are hoping for a light day today. we will know as the traffic gets to the toll plaza and gets on to the bridge. i think we will have a little bit of a back up. this traffic looks good approaching the downtown area and to king street. we are keeping an eye on your drive to the airport and that drive looks good to burlingame and san mateo. let's go to mark. once again, we are dealing with very cold numbers and some frost. you might be scraping off the
5:41 am
frost on the windshield. upper 20s in fairfield, san jose early 30s checking in as cold and we have a layer of high clouds all in advance of this. this will be a first in a series of storms that will impact the region tonight into friday right onto the weekend and this morning it is dry, fair skies, patchy frost, 28 to 40 degrees into the afternoon hours and we do bring in a chance of a few showers up in the north bay. we also have this winds advisory lasting until 4:00 friday and in the coastal hills, we have gusts approaching 50 miles per hour so we have a possibility of a very stormy windy pattern developing offshore and we will have some periods of hey have i winds. first one -- heavy winds. first one is friday, second one
5:42 am
saturday and third one sunday. santa cruz mountains could have up to 5 inches and once again it is dry and cold this morning. we have a chance of rain in the north bay and it gradually spreads to the south. south bay is still dry and then into the overnight hours we will be bumping up the rainfall coverage and that sets the commute. periods of rain could be heavy at tomorrows and into the sierra. coming up, we will look at the winter storm warning that does kick in. the new york stock exchange has just been sold, what will that mean for the market? the maritime director, maritime director james kwon will still be working for the port. what they are saying about
5:43 am
the late artist thomas kinkaid's estate. we will have more on the bay area weather and your commute. stay with us.
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5:45 am
. good thursday morning, time now 5:44 upper 20s out towards fairfield and concord and we will let you know when the rain comes back into our forecast. here is a quick look at some of the top stories at 5:44 in oakland, a grandmother dies after being hit by a stray bullet. she was shot and killed while walking to a store at 7:00 last night. also in the news, santa clara county sheriff's are
5:46 am
searching for a gunman who fired shots at a u.s. marine recruiter in cupertino. the recruiter was driving an unmarked car. the car was hit several times by bullets but the recruiter was not hurt. plan "b" is up for a vote in the house. it will raise taxes on people who will make more than a million dollars a year. however president barack obama said he will veto it if it arrives on his desk. continuing coverage of the connecticut school shootings. they will lay to rest three more children who were killed nearly one week ago. renee talks about how victims were honored yesterday and new details about the mother of the gunman. good mornings renee. >> reporter: good morning, story. we will have a total of 6 funerals today including those
5:47 am
three children you spoke about and really that is the most amount of funerals we have seen in one day so far here. the first set will start in just about a little over an hour from now and for the people who continue to ask the question, what was the motive, connecticut state police say it could be months before they issue their final report on this investigation. >> reporter: another day brings more heartbreaking funerals in a town that is trying to figure out just how to heal. >> teenagers are struggling trying to get to as many as possible. >> reporter: allison and the principal will be buried. thursday they bid farewell to victoria. paul simon who was a family friend performed the sound of
5:48 am
silence at her funeral. >> wednesday night about 3,000 people gathered at western connecticut state university for attribute of newtown connecticut shootings and president barack obama is now pledging to take action. it is a newly formed group, newtown united is advocating sensible gun legislation. >> if we don't follow-up with this lead, we have failed them and their deaths are in vain. >> reporter: we learned days before the shooting nancy lanza had just returned from a luxury resort in new hampshire. she said she felt comfortable about leaving her son adam at home unsupervised. >> reporter: the governor has called for churches nationwide to ring their bills 26 times, one for each victim from sandy
5:49 am
hook elementary school and that will happen at the exact time of the shooting 930 am m eastern time, that would be one week ago tomorrow. back to you -- 9:30 a.m. eastern time and that would be one week ago tomorrow. and the night for newtown event will begin at the ice rink in justin herman plaza. all the items collected will be donated to local children in need. members of the sikh community came to remember the victims of the school shooting and they mourned the lives lost in connecticut. earlier this year the sikh community was hit with a similar tragedy when a gunman opened fire on worshipers.
5:50 am
he killed 6 people and wounded three others before killing himself. the lawyers' famed artist and estranged widow and girlfriend settled the latest on the estate. they still don't know if the girlfriend amy pinto will get his mansion. pinto claims it was all hers because of a barely legible willed note. kinkaid was separated from his wife. the maritime director will stay on the payroll despite his investigation into questionable spending. ktvu channel 2 morning news has learned maritime director james kwon will continue to work for the port as a consultant starting next year. maritime director james kwon will work for seven months to ensure the important business
5:51 am
relationships. former executive director omar benjamin agreed to pay back more than $5,000 in expenses for strip club dealings and it is based on his 2 14,000 dollars salary as maritime director. let's get sal back. are you taking care of the east shore? >> i didn't hear you. breaking news in san francisco and there is a fire roughly in the area of broad and capital and this is just coming into the newsroom and they have just gone to a second alarm and this is near 2el 0. -- 280 almost in daily city and our newsroom is working on it right now. let's look at 880 westbound as we head to the mcarthur maze and traffic is okay getting out to the mcarthur maze and at the toll plaza there is no delay
5:52 am
right now. and livermore valley, there is not a bad commute between grant line road and 680. if you are driving on 880, that looks good. 551 let's go to mark. we have some frost, we have some cold numbers and you can see some upper 20s in fairfield and livermore, it is beginning to filter into livermore and temperatures are being kept up like an insulated blanket. a winter storm warning comes into place for portions of the mendocino count tip out towards lake count -- county. small additions for lake county and also out towards shaster county and especially out towards the sierra and it will be busy traveling and we want to keep that in mind because of
5:53 am
the freeway closures and look at this snow fall. 2 to 5 feet right on through sunday for parts of the sierra. snow levels are right around 4,000 feet. you can see the storm, it is a first in a series of storms lining up offshore and that rain could be knocking on our door as we head through the afternoon hours. a chance of some rain is up in the north bay and it is slowly going to the south by 3:00 this evening and by 11:00, it is still the main focus but this event does slide to the south and as a result we are expecting a wet friday morning commute. we are off to a cold start with temperatures mainly in the 50s for afternoon highs. a look ahead with your weekend -- weekend always in view, coming up we will look at a wind advisory that does begin across parts of the bay area. we are following breaking news of reports this morning, the company that runs the new
5:54 am
york stock exchange has been sold to arrival company. intercontinental company is calling for $8 billion and the deal has been approved by the boards of both companies and it still has to be a proved by regulators. it was halted earlier this morning and a spokesperson did not say when trading would resume. this is according to a report and obviously we will be on touring the -- monitoring the market to see how it impacts trading this morning. up, a deadly crash, a 40 car pileup, what drivers there will be facing this morning... and trying to find a home for the bay area's homeless, why getting people out of the bitter cold gets harder and
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
. good thursday morning time now 5:56 temperatures are in the upper 40s and rain fall will soon be an issue and we will have more coming up in a few minutes. a pileup with almost 40 cars, it is the long island expressway, it was closed
5:58 am
overnight and emergency crews cleared the wreckage. it started yesterday afternoon when a tractor-trailer slammed into cars and stricted a huge pileup. at least 33 people were hurt and one woman was killed. in san francisco shelter, some of the lucky ones are grateful they have a place to stay for the holidays. nearly all are full and nearly 250 families are on the weighting list. unemployment and high rents are forcing many people to stay. >> it takes them longer to find affordable apartments and they often have to move out of the city because the rents are so high here now. >> the hamilton center says it is heartbreaking to turn the people in need away. they are hoping to help as many families they can this holiday
5:59 am
season. let's check back in with sal? -- back in with sal? i will put it on the map here, it is sort of the southern end of 280 and if you are driving on 280, we will have a crew on the way and go back to the desk and let you know we are on the story. let's go back to the desk. a tragedy in oakland blamed on a stray bullet, killed a grandmother, why she was an innocent victim and why police are searching for the shooter. more on why a college was put on lockdown. stay with us.


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